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Sibson Consulting’s College and University Benefits Study (CUBS)

Sibson Consulting’s College and University Benefits Study (CUBS) collects detailed information about the benefits component of total rewards on campus, including differences among the benefits offered to faculty, administrative and clerical staff.

The latest study covers these offerings of more than 450 private and public institutions:

  • Medical Plan Coverage
  • Retiree Health &
    Life Insurance Coverage
  • Wellness Initiatives &
    Health Plan Strategies
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Retirement-Income Plans
  • Tuition Benefits
  • Leave Programs
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Non-Traditional &
    Voluntary Benefits

Health Benefits: How Do Your Institution’s Benefits Compare to Peers

Among the many wellness initiatives offered by institutions in 2015, access to an on-site fitness center was the most prevalent. Additionally, more than half of the institutions studied are participating in health coaching and campus-wide healthy eating initiatives.
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Non-Traditional Benefits: How Do Your Offerings Compare to Other Institutions?

While more than three-quarters of institutions allow their employees’ dependent children to attend either their institution or affiliated institutions, the percentage of institutions limiting the tuition benefit for dependent children to the employee’s institution of employment was higher in 2015 than in 2012.
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Retirement Benefits: Changes in DC Plans for Higher Ed

77% of institutions offer matching contributions in their defined contribution (DC) retirement plan, up from 72% in 2012.
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Tuition Benefits for Exec’s Family

Recruiting Outside Higher Education


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