Segal Group Releases Key Compliance Resource for Private Sector Benefit Plan Sponsors

(12/11/18) — 

The Segal Group has published 2019 Reporting & Disclosure Calendars for multiemployer and single employer benefit plans. For 20 years, Segal has created annual Reporting & Disclosure Calendars to help plan sponsors stay on top of an ever-expanding compliance to-do list. The 2019 calendars summarize more than 60 annual compliance requirements and disclosure obligations that sponsors of health and retirement plan sponsors need to know.

The content is organized into six sections: requirements introduced by the Affordable Care Act, and requirements mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor (DOL), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Joint DOL/IRS requirements are also included.

Each requirement is described briefly. The relevant law and/or regulation is cited. The calendar notes the plans affected; to whom information must be sent and/or with what federal agency it must be filed; the reporting and/or filing deadline; and whether the plan or another entity is responsible for meeting the deadline.

Segal updates the calendars throughout the year, as developments occur.

“Just prior to publication, we revised the calendar to reflect an IRS extension of the 2019 deadline — from January 31 to March 4 — for health plan sponsors to distribute Forms 1095-B or 1095-C on their health coverage to employees and plan participants,” noted Kathryn Bakich, Senior Vice President and National Health Compliance Practice Leader. She added, “It’s important for plan sponsors to keep in mind that those and other Affordable Care Act reporting requirements remain in place.”

According to Serena Simons, Senior Vice President and National Retirement Compliance Practice Leader, “It’s easy for retirement plan sponsors to forget to perform nondiscrimination testing because although it is generally required every year many plans take advantage of a special rule that permits testing every third year.” She observed, “the annual Form 5500 has not included questions related to nondiscrimination testing since 2009 and there are no future cycle-based determination letter reviews to act as reminders.”

To speak with those practice leaders about the compliance challenges plan sponsors will face in 2019, please contact me.with one of our consultants about this strategy, contact Erin Burns.

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