Who We Are

Sibson Consulting: Strategic Human Resources Consulting

We help organizations grow their business profitably and increase the performance and productivity of their people.

Sibson Consulting provides HR and benefits consulting for corporations and nonprofit organizations. As an independent, employee-owned firm, our advice is objective and unbiased.

Working with organizations in many industries gives us the ability to provide insight to our clients across a broad spectrum of human resource, compensation and employee benefits issues. We understand:

  • The pressures of increasing benefits costs and shrinking profit margins
  • The demand to hire the best employees and the struggle to keep them
  • The requirement to meet financial performance goals and exceed shareholders' or board of directors' expectations

Every organization is different, but the challenges surrounding employee benefits, compensation and other workforce-related issues are often similar:

  • What can I do to keep my employees motivated and productive?
  • How can I make the most of my workforce and get the best return on investment in my people while achieving my strategic business goals?
  • How will I answer to both the bottom line of the business as well as the ever-changing needs of my employees?

How We Help

Sibson provides:

  • Customized, strategy-to-implementation benefits solutions aligned with your organization's goals, rather than products or pre-packaged solutions
  • Health and retirement consulting and actuarial services
  • Compliance expertise to help employers and their attorneys navigate laws and regulations impacting their plans
  • Multi-media communications expertise to help employees understand their benefits
  • Benchmarking knowledge that enables employers to make their decisions in the broader context of what their competitors are doing
  • Proactive information and education through webinars and publications
  • Insurance services through Segal Select Insurance, Inc., a fellow member of The Segal Group
  • Investment consulting services through Segal Marco Advisors, a fellow member of The Segal Group

Who We Help

Sibson partners with CFOs, CHROs, and other HR and benefits professionals to serve the needs of a wide range of industries, including:

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