College and University Benefits Study (CUBS) Latest Report: How Do Your Institution’s Benefits Compare to Peers?

Find Out What Benefits Other Colleges and Universities Are Offering

Our new College and University Benefits Study (CUBS) report notes developments and statistics in employee defined contribution (DC) plans, including how many institutions are offering matching contributions and the median percentage of contribution rate. How does your institution’s DC plan compare?

Wondering if other higher education institutions still offer retiree health plans to new hires? Curious to see if other institutions require a longer waiting period for employees to use tuition reimbursement?

Sibson’s research can help you benchmark your institution’s offerings and identify what benefits could be added, changed or promoted to gain an edge for top talent.

Non-Traditional Benefits: How Do Your Offerings Compare to Other Institutions?

New: Our new infographic shows key findings on tuition benefits and other non-traditional benefits.

See a snapshot of what other institutions are doing.


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Sibson Consulting’s College and University Benefits Study (CUBS) collects detailed information about the benefits component of total rewards on campus, including differences among the benefits offered to faculty, administrative and clerical staff. The latest study covers these offerings of more than 450 private and public institutions:

  • Medical Plan Coverage
  • Wellness Initiatives &
    Health Plan Strategies
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental & Vision Coverage
  • Retiree Health &
    Life Insurance Coverage
  • Retirement-Income Plans
  • Tuition Benefits
  • Leave Programs
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Non-Traditional &
    Voluntary Benefits


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The CUBS report is only part of Sibson’s extensive database of benefits offered in higher education. Sibson can provide custom benefits benchmarking reports, which can be segmented by region, institution type and size, faculty size, number of undergraduate or graduate students, operating budget and/or endowment and custom selected comparison groups.

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