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Thank you for exploring careers at The Segal Group.

As President and CEO of The Segal Group, I am inspired by the professionalism, creativity, dedication and collaborative spirit of our employees. Ours is a diverse and enterprising business, and I believe that The Segal Group can be an exciting, challenging and wonderful place to work if you are motivated by the characteristics that comprise The Segal Group's culture.

As you consider The Segal Group as a place to establish or further your career, it is important to note that no one company is right for everyone. This page contains information that you can use to determine whether your career aspirations and talents fit well with The Segal Group's culture and strengths.

Who are we?

The Segal Group’s profile is special. It is built upon a rich history of innovation, client service and recognized expertise in the employee benefits and HR consulting field, and it includes the following characteristics:

  • Client-Focused: At The Segal Group, client focus is of paramount importance. Our clients' business objectives and priorities always form the basis for the consulting solutions we recommend. We are committed to our clients' success and work towards helping them achieve their business objectives through creative, cost-effective benefits, compensation and human resources strategies. Whether we are doing routine work or high-level creative consulting, we take great pride in making sure that our work brings value to the client.
  • Strategic Approach to Consulting: The Segal Group’s approach to consulting is a personal one, both in terms of our working relationships with clients and in offering custom rather than cookie-cutter solutions. As a professional service organization, we place a high value on creativity, quality and achieving client satisfaction. We bring a team-oriented multi-disciplinary perspective to consulting assignments. Our consultants have broad experience as well as specialized expertise. This enables us to address a wide range of diverse issues on a number of different levels, a characteristic that we believe our clients value most about The Segal Group’s approach to consulting.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: The atmosphere at The Segal Group is collegial. Our employees are on a first-name basis with one another, and we all work with open doors. We accomplish our work through the use of teams comprised of members from various practices and parts of the country. This gives our employees the valuable opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues representing different disciplines to broaden knowledge, gain skills and support overall professional development.
  • Appreciation of and Investment in Employees: The Segal Group listens to, recognizes and rewards great ideas from employees at all levels of the company. Moreover, we are committed to supporting our employees' efforts to grow to their full potential. Segal employees take ownership of mapping their careers and professional development. The company shares this responsibility by providing both formal and informal performance feedback, offering mentoring and supporting both internal and external education and training opportunities to help achieve professional goals.
  • Independence: We are an independent company, owned by our employees. We intend to maintain our independence, which gives us the ability to implement critical business decisions quickly and give our clients unbiased consulting advice.
  • The Right Size: We have offices throughout the United States and in Canada. We are large enough to be able to compete effectively with all the major HR and benefit consulting firms and agile enough to make quick decisions that allow us to bring the best thinking, resources and skills to clients regardless of business unit or geographical location. Our size provides employees with unique opportunities to develop broad knowledge and experience, and to assume increasing responsibility as soon as they are ready.
  • Deep and Broad Experience: Our clients have come to rely on our innovation, experience and viewpoint as employee benefits, human resources and business advisors. The Segal Group has fully-developed consulting practices for three types of clients: corporate, and public sector and multiemployer (both through Segal Consulting, a member of The Segal Group).
  • Corporate Citizenship: We are proud to support and contribute to cultural and charitable causes and organizations in our offices’ communities as well as nation-wide.

What do our staff members like most about their work?

When asked what they value most about their careers, our employees provided the following responses:

  • Challenge of the work
  • Ability to make an impact on client organizations
  • Opportunities for personal learning and growth
  • Spirit of cooperation at the company
  • Feeling part of a team working toward a shared goal

Do you have what we want?

The Segal Group looks for people who are:

  • Client champions
  • Achievers
  • Professionals
  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Communicators
  • Collaborators
  • Trusted advisors

These are the qualities that enable each employee, no matter what his or her role or experience is, to grow professionally and achieve a satisfying and rewarding level of performance at The Segal Group.

Is it a match?

Today's employment marketplace has seen a shift in employee priorities. At The Segal Group, we put emphasis on:

  • Culture  Enjoying the people you work with, having a sense of belonging and commitment to integrity, your colleagues and the organization.
  • Career Enrichment  Pursuing career paths that offer challenge, continuous learning and development, and provide appropriate compensation and merit rewards for the contributions you make.
  • Flexibility  Knowing that the organization you work for cares about you as a person and is sensitive to the pressures that exist outside the workplace.

If you think we can succeed together, we hope you will consider applying for a position at The Segal Group.

David Blumenstein
President and CEO

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David Blumenstein - National Director of Multiemployer Consulting