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Many organizations today recognize that talent management is just one of the human resources (HR) challenges they face. CHROs are responsible for everything from basic compensation and benefits through more detailed rewards systems, from helping senior management to align organizational structure to managing a performance system that assesses and inspires individual contributors throughout the organization.  And more.

In response to feedback from a number of CHROs, Sibson Consulting launched a CHRO Forum group that meets regularly to share information, discuss issues and present challenges and potential solutions.

This webpage offers members a central location to find details and resources covered in calls and meetings to date as well as information on upcoming topics.

The Next CHRO Forum Call

Monday, February 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST

Planned topics:

  1. Talent/Performance Calibrations
  2. Developing Total Rewards Dashboards and the Value You Can Expect


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The resources from calls and meetings as well as published articles are arranged below in reverse chronological order. 

Thought starter videos are short recordings made after a group call that capture the premise of each topic and some of the thoughts expressed by the members on the call. Use the contact form to start further discussions on any of these topics.


January 15, 2019 Publication in Chief Executive

Leveraging HR's Key Role for the Success of Organizational Initiatives

What role does the head of HR play in new organizational initiatives? More and more, CEOs and other senior leaders are coming to realize that the CHRO is uniquely poised to best understand and leverage the needed contributions of people in making initiatives successful. How has that role evolved and expanded in recent years?

A new white paper from Chief Executive magazine captures the discussion among CEOs at a roundtable led by Sibson Consulting.


December 5, 2018 Publication in Forbes

Selecting HR Metrics That Matter In Today's Business Environment

Which HR metrics are the most useful for organizations today? The range of potential metrics can be staggering, and it is clear that gathering and comparing too many metrics can become an academic rather business improvement exercise.

Read the article in the Forbes HR Council online edition to learn some top choices that will be insightful for many mid-sized organizations and can provide valuable data for competing in today’s market. 

July 31, 2018 Publication in Forbes

The Evolving Employee Value Proposition: Moving To A More Flexible EVP For 2019

In recent years, the EVP has evolved into an exchange with employees: what the employer provides, and what the employee offers in exchange. For the employer especially, that exchange is an investment in attracting and retaining the people needed for the organization to succeed. Like any investment, it needs to be monitored.

Read the article in the Forbes HR Council online edition to learn about a proven process to evaluate your organization's EVP and to keep it fresh year after year.


June 13, 2018 Group Call


Notes from the call and thought-starter slides


February 15, 2018 Publication in Chief Executive

Does Having an EVP Still Matter? The answer is more than simply "Yes."

Employers have seen for years that an employee value proposition (EVP) can make a significant difference when attracting and retaining employees. While some organizations today still lack a formal EVP in their HR tool kit, others face the challenge of reshaping their EVP to address the needs of a changing job market and an evolved workforce. No one model works for every organization – but the common thread is that every organization can use the EVP model to be a “talent magnet.”

Sibson moderated a roundtable discussion with Chief Executive magazine to discuss how the right EVP approach can give firms a competitive edge in the labor market.

Read the Chief Executive white paper to see what experts say about the EVP 


December 11, 2017 Group Call

Thought Starters:


October 16, 2017 Meeting

Thought Starters: 

July 25, 2017 Group Call

Thought Starters:

Post-Call Minutes and Notes


May 22, 2017 Meeting

Thought Starters:

April 28, 2017 Group Call

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Post-Call Minutes and Notes


February 8, 2017 Planning Call

Call Minutes

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