College and University Benefits Study

Benchmark Your Benefits Against 450 Institutions

Sibson’s College and University Benefits Study (CUBS) collects detailed information about the benefits component of total rewards on campus.

Covering offerings from than 450 private and public institutions, CUBS reports on:

  • Medical plan coverage,
  • Retirement-Income plans,
  • Wellness initiatives,
  • Leave programs,
  • Tuition benefits, and
  • Much, much more.

It also includes differences among the benefits offered to faculty, administrative and clerical staff.

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See the latest trends and discover how your programs stack up. 

The 2018 CUBS uncovers a range of findings, including:

  • Continued dramatic growth in HDHPs, 
  • Growth in use of prescription drug cost-management programs, 
  • Continued steady decline in retiree health and life insurance coverage, and
  • An increase in voluntary/non-traditional benefits.

Get all the findings, plus Sibson's observations, in the full study.

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We summarized the 2018 CUBS healthcare findings separately. You can also read the 2016 CUBS

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