Compensation Mythbusters: How to Improve Satisfaction with Rewards

Webinar in association with AHHRANY and ASHHRA Region 2

Even in healthcare organizations with well-designed compensation programs, employees may still express dissatisfaction with their compensation and total rewards. How do you know if such criticisms are warranted? Or are they just myths? If so, how do you combat them?
In this recorded webinar presentation, Sibson experts arm participants with the 4P’s of compensation myth busting, where they can apply the framework and bolster their position, and identify opportunities for change:

  • Perceptions: Defining the perception is key for understanding how to test its validity. We discuss common perceptions and misperceptions.
  • Patterns: We discuss what data patterns are necessary for myth busting. This includes how to evaluate performance management, job evaluation/classification, salary structure, hiring rates, and compression.
  • Players: We discuss the key player in busting myths and getting the messages across.  Hint: it is not just HR.
  • Presentation: We present different ways to deliver the information for busting compensation myths, ways to set more realistic rewards expectations in the institution, and how this information can help leaders and managers to make better compensation decisions.

This webinar recording helps hospital HR professionals learn to:

  • Identify perceived pain points that exist with compensation programs and policies,
  • Recognize the validity of the perception versus the reality, and
  • Communicate compensation patterns and trends at the institution.



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