Negative to Positive – Transforming Performance Management into Performance Development

Many organizations are in the midst of a talent paradigm shift. Complexities in the multi-generational workforce, talent competition, budget constraints and the role of technology challenge us to re-think the role and links between supervisors, talent development and performance management.

Forward-thinking companies recognize the need to improve or completely transform their performance management programs. Yet, well-intentioned modifications to forms, rating systems and software are insufficient. Strong disruptive trends point to the fundamental shifts needed to transform a company’s often bureaucratic and unpopular performance management program into an engaging performance development process.

Listen to this recording to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of disruptions and trends affecting performance management
  • Articulate the case for improving their performance management programs
  • Identify the role of feedback and coaching in a performance development process
  • Articulate the characteristics and steps to take in designing a successful performance development program
  • Demonstrate an understanding of trends in effective linkages between performance management and rewards.

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