What is a Healthy Wellness Program?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published a final rule governing wellness programs established by entities subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Wellness programs need to be reviewed to make sure they follow the new EEOC rules.

While compliance with the EEOC’s regulations is a must — it’s just one part of a wellness program’s “health.” That’s why HR and Benefits professionals who seek increased workforce productivity — and the consequent savings from healthier employees — are using the new compliance requirements as an opportunity to fine-tune their wellness programs with a “check-up” to ensure their organizations are returning the maximum value on their investment. Organizations that don’t yet have a wellness program, but are considering one, can also benefit from strategies on what it takes to run a successful, “healthy” wellness program.

Our recent webinar discussed four key questions organizations should answer in order to assess their wellness program — or design one:

  1. What are the new EEOC rules and how do they impact wellness programs?
  2. How are wellness programs evolving — and is your plan design flexible to adapt and change as needed?
  3. How do organizations use plan design, incentives and communications to drive high levels of employee engagement?
  4. Which performance and financial metrics work best to help you track the outcomes of your investment?

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