Sibson Consulting offers a range of compliance services and publications to help employers navigate the maze of federal, state and local laws and regulations related to benefit plans.

Compliance Services

  • Drafting plan documents, summary plan descriptions, plan enrollment information, administrative forms and participant correspondence and notices
  • Reviewing documents for compliance with Internal Revenue Code and Department of Labor provisions and regulations, internal and external consistency, and the provision of clear rules and guidelines for plan operations
  • HIPAA privacy and security assessment, policies and procedures, compliance and training programs
  • Designing Wellness programs to promote healthy lifestyles while complying with strict federal guidelines
  • Drafting policies and procedures, and conducting training on a wide range of federally mandated plan provisions, including COBRA, QDROs, USERRA, cafeteria plans and other laws
  • Developing individual account health plans to accommodate changing health policy needs of employers, including Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Helping employers navigate new and developing rules regarding Medicare, coordination of benefits and the Medicare Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS)
  • Helping employers prepare for government audits of health plans
  • Crosschecksm, an operational review of your administrative procedures
  • Modeling where a plan is relative to the excise tax limits that will be imposed on the value of 2018 benefits with Sibson’s proprietary Excise Tax calculator  and strategizing plan design modifications to mitigate the potential tax liability
  • Addressing the various aspects of the ACA, from assistance in applying for reimbursements under the Early Retiree Reimbursement Program to modeling the potential impact of the Premium Assistance Tax Credit as well as evaluating the Health Insurance Exchanges.

Our Washington-based compliance staff includes experts in health laws who are able to maintain close relationships with government agencies, allowing them to respond to questions quickly and efficiently. We follow legislative developments carefully and update clients on new laws. The Segal Group's compliance experts wrote, and served as ongoing editors to, the Employer's Guide to HIPAA Privacy Requirements, published by the Thompson Publishing Group, Inc.

We encourage our clients to contact Sibson whenever a question arises about an issue that can affect their plan. However, because Sibson does not practice law, if a legal issue arises, you should supplement the information and observations that we offer by consulting with your attorneys for authoritative legal advice.

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