Organization Design & Assessment

Organization design is not about charts and job descriptions. An effective design allows your organization to develop and leverage its strategic capabilities. It is a source of competitive advantage. And it is shaped by your organization's strategy.

Most important, organization design is not a single event; it is a continuous management process. Sibson Consulting can equip you with the understanding, knowledge and tools to build an evolving design that can support sustainable growth.

The right organizational design can:

  • Increase economies of scale by consolidating functions, e.g., finance and accounting, distribution, human resources, marketing and corporate governance
  • Increase customer responsiveness and decrease decision-making time by flattening hierarchies
  • Create balance between global efficiencies and local responsiveness
  • Increase synergies between and among brands, products and geographies
  • Improve product innovation and increase creativity by creating formal links between traditionally disconnected groups within the company
  • Streamline information flow and communications between key constituents and stakeholders
  • Improve employee morale and productivity by clearly defining reporting relationships and responsibilities, career and professional development opportunities

Sibson can help your organization create the right organizational design by:

  • Identifying the structural, cultural and relationship gaps that must be addressed to create a foundation for effective organization design
  • Developing alternatives that address the concerns and interests of major stakeholders
  • Defining the processes, information flow and decision rights that will sustain the desired outcomes and organization strategy

Organization Elements

Sibson assesses the effectiveness of each of the following components of an organization:

The design and assessment process involves collecting data about each of these elements, which includes focusing on perceived opportunities and concerns. We then work with an organization's leadership team to analyze these elements and create an operating model.

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