Strategy Execution

Effective and sustainable strategy execution is contingent upon work focusing on four critical areas:

  • Alignment: Strategy clarification, roles and expectations, and governance and decision rights
  • Capability: Value proposition, development and talent management
  • Accountability: Goals and metrics, performance management, and rewards and recognition
  • Engagement:

 Business Strategy Execution Model

We assist clients in executing their business strategy by:

  • Providing strategy clarification and deployment frameworks
  • Designing and facilitating senior leadership team discussions to craft the strategy
  • Identifying new vehicles and leveraging existing vehicles to communicate and engage employees (e.g., regional marketing and ops meetings, co-op groups, annual leadership conferences)
  • Helping design and structure various strategy deployment sessions to achieve maximum impact in terms of creating broad-based understanding and commitment
  • Assisting in meeting design, material development, speaker preparation and facilitation of key strategy deployment meetings as needed or requested

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