Succession Management

Open positions in key areas can derail an organization’s business goals. Effective succession management not only helps to create a flexible, high-performing organization but also ensures that open positions do not produce gaps in the progress of important business initiatives.

Planning for filling critical positions should be in place long before these positions are actually vacant. In today’s economy, this has become more important than ever. Developing an effective succession management program requires time, commitment and expertise. Not surprising, many organizations do not have a succession management program in place.

Sibson’s succession management approach helps our clients align talent with organizational goals and promotes versatility in a volatile economic environment. We use three key steps to help clients develop customized and effective plans:

Assess organizational fit (for internal and external candidates) by identifying:

  • The target role’s key accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Performance metrics and specific goals for the role
  • The skills, knowledge, abilities and other attributes deemed critical to successfully fulfilling the role’s accountabilities
  • Critical experience that best prepares candidates to fulfill the role

Determine readiness for advancement of candidates by:

  • Looking at historical performance data to track skill fit as well as alignment with your organization’s mission, values and culture
  • Holding behavioral candidate interviews to pinpoint key strengths, areas of development and motivation for improvement
  • Administering quantitative surveys to vet critical competencies for the role
  • Assessing candidates based on the results of the steps above

Ensure continued development by:

  • Identifying individual employee’s strengths and potential weaknesses in the role
  • Developing effective plans to address weaknesses and further develop strengths
  • Implementing periodic performance reviews

Succession Management Model

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