Talent Standards, Development & Succession

Organizations need the right talent in order to be effective. Finding the right talent requires a set of integrated talent management standards and processes. Many organization’s talent management programs are not in alignment or are not well executed to truly produce better talent.

There are three key factors to building organization capability:

  • Take a comprehensive business and organizational strategy perspective when assessing talent
  • Coordinate and connect each element of talent management into a single continuous process
  • Align talent management with and integrate into business planning

Integrated talent management supports organization capability by aligning processes and decisions with key talent segments. Sibson can help you develop an integrated talent management system that will enable your organization to:

  • Better understand future talent requirements globally
  • Anticipate and address talent gaps
  • Define the requirements of core roles
  • Improve the ability to attract, develop, engage and retain talent in core roles in the short- and long-term
  • Improve ability to measure and manage talent
  • Ensure that rewards not only differentiate high performance but also recognize and retain critical talent and high potentials

Talent Standards and Processes

Sibson helps clients create talent standards for key roles so that better talent management decisions can be made. Talent standards can include:

  • Behavioral competencies
  • Technical competencies
  • Job duties
  • Individual objectives
  • Results versus goals

Once talent standards are in place, processes can be designed so that high quality talent is available when needed.

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