Performance & Rewards

The Performance and Rewards practice helps clients develop effective pay and performance programs that address the specific needs of organizations and their employees.

Rather than coming in with a pre-established solution, we partner with our clients to create customized pay and performance programs that align with their strategic objectives and help manage the performance and productivity of their employees.

We have more than fifty years of experience designing client-tested programs that employees find easy to understand and both HR and managers find easy to administer.

Our services include:

Compensation Structure

  • Job structure and evaluation system
  • Salary structure
  • Pay equity

Effective Performance Management

  • Program design
  • Leadership mindset
  • Execution
  • Metrics

Pay for Performance

  • Incentive plan design
  • Base pay delivery

Total Rewards Strategies

  • Employee value exchange
  • Rewards of work
  • Non-monetary rewards

Career Frameworks

  • Show employees how to move between jobs
  • Align career development with current business needs
  • Take ownership
  • Create open communication


Ownership Transfers & Management Succession

  • Leadership evaluation, to guide you in selecting the best potential leaders and successors for your business
  • Succession management advice, to help you avoid the effects of inadequate succession planning

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