Business Ownership Transfers & Succession Planning


If you’ve decided to transfer ownership of your business, you’ve made one difficult decision already. But the next steps are equally difficult:

  • Who should own my business?
  • How do I ensure my business is well run after I leave?
  • What’s the true value of my company?
  • After I leave, can my business meet its long-term goals?

We’ll help you understand your options, choose the right path, and develop a practical action plan.

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What Sibson offers

Every business is different and the available paths endless. Sibson professionals are experienced in developing succession plans that maximize your legacy and set up your business for future success, guiding companies through the complicated but important process of business ownership transfers.

We can provide you with:

  • Leadership evaluation: we’ll guide you in selecting the best potential leaders and successors for your business and review ways to tie leadership development to organizational needs and strategy
  • Succession management advice: from outlining the steps for a smooth and successful transition, to discussing numerous succession strategies, we’ll help you avoid the effects of inadequate succession planning

Most importantly, Sibson will provide specific, actionable items to help you complete a successful ownership transfer and management succession.

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