Career Frameworks

Sibson helps organizations support business needs while maximizing employee potential.

Common issues organizations face include:

  • The natural pyramid hierarchy of most organizations leads to career advancement bottlenecks that eventually frustrate and disengage high-potential employees
  • Career progression opportunities are often unclear to employees and guidelines to support progression do not exist
  • Organizations do not know how to retain high performers, which leads to higher turnover and a less productive workforce, increasing overall costs for the organization

Sibson works with organizations to help them:

  • Recognize the meaning of a career framework. A career framework is a set of guidelines that shows employees how they can move between jobs within the organization, while ensuring that their career development aligns with current business needs of the organization. It allows employees to take ownership of their career development and creates open communication about strengths and opportunities for improvement. A career framework is not a guarantee of career progression, diverse career opportunities, pay increases or a replacement for the manager/employee relationship.
  • Understand the benefits of establishing a career framework. Having a career framework can help organizations understand where their talent is concentrated, how prepared they are to meet future human resources challenges and how key employees can be developed and retained, while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Develop a tailored career framework. Sibson works with senior leadership to define the organization’s career development philosophy based on current business context. Sibson then creates and populates the structure with the following elements in consideration: the overall brand of career development, level definitions, organization-wide competencies, common language and definitions, definition of career progression, balance of consistency versus flexibility, use of dual career paths and the link to compensation. Lastly, Sibson ensures that the newly developed career framework aligns and integrates with the key issues and concerns of the organization and has not been developed as a separate stand-alone program.
  • Implement the career framework. Once the framework has been established, Sibson works with leadership and HR to carefully plan successful implementation. Implementation planning includes identifying how employees fit within the new framework, training managers and employees, integrating the framework with current HR programs and processes, and determining how to use the framework to support targeted employee development opportunities.



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