Developing a Career Model to Stem Turnover of Technology Professionals

Below you'll find just one example of how our performance and rewards practice helped a client develop a successful career model, stemming turnover in the process.

Client issue

An international consulting firm was experiencing unacceptably high levels of turnover among its technology professionals.

A number of outside factors contributed to the problem. Tax laws, investment credits, and rapid industrial growth in the area of information technology created a demand for talent that outstripped the current supply. 

Large, established employers of technology professionals face competition for business and talent from nimble, aggressive start-up companies offering unique value propositions.

A deteriorating cycle developed as employees left and existing client teams shouldered the burden. This threatened the quality of work and caused a decline in employee morale. Turnover management challenges ensued.

A great deal of divergence existed among the senior leadership about solutions to the problem. In order to achieve better alignment between business and employee needs, the firm wanted to examine the rewards and development strategies for its technology professionals.

Our solution

In response, Sibson Consulting:

  • Developed a career management solution to redefine the success profile of technology professionals and more directly align the firm’s skill sets with client demands
  • Created a career model to accommodate and support the revised success profile and optimize the capabilities of various employee populations
  • Reconciled the needs of the business with the needs of employees, thus creating a more cohesive and executable company strategy
  • Proposed future work on the solution to include:
    • Introduction of modified management practices in the areas of performance management and recruiting and selection
    • Development of a rewards strategy to align and support the career strategy developed

Results of our Recommendation

By addressing the root causes, Sibson helped the firm:

  • Create a stronger performance culture, raising employees to their highest and greatest contribution levels
  • Encourage most-valued technologists to stay and develop to the next level of contribution

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