Sales Force Effectiveness and Rewards

Are your sales numbers where you want them to be? How can you make your sales team more efficient and effective? In today's competitive market, companies must leverage their sales organization and sales rewards strategy to gain competitive advantage.

Sibson Consulting can help:

  • Clarify organization and resource requirements
  • Prioritize goals, responsibilities and selling time
  • Develop the right rewards for the right performance

Our experts assess or design your company’s overall sales strategy, then help organize and direct your sales force to execute that strategy. We develop tactical methods of reinforcement to drive sales strategy and ensure that your sales force is in a position to succeed through post-sales support capabilities.

Sibson’s expertise spans:

Sales Strategy Development

Does your sales organization have defined objectives? Do you have a strategy to meet your goals? We help companies develop strategies to target customers and increase revenue and profits.

Sales Force Organization

Are you reaching your target market effectively? How can your organization generate more referrals? We help companies build their organization (sales channels, job roles, reporting structures and resource requirements) to align with sales strategy.

Sales Strategy Execution, Metrics and Rewards

How are you motivating your team to achieve their sales goals? We build the tactical components to manage, measure and reward sales people. This includes:

  • Sales Compensation Assessment and Design Specialty Practice
  • Sales Compensation and Strategy Benchmark Specialty Practice


Sales Support

Are you providing your team with the tools they need to succeed? We help companies with the tools, messaging and support capabilities needed to implement sales programs throughout the organization.

Sales Compensation Best Practices

Did you know that:

  • 23% more companies planned to use sign-on bonuses in 2016, and
  • 36% expected to increase stock or options for sales, but …
  • Only 24% think their average rep will achieve quota.

What’s going wrong? What does it mean for your organization? And how can you do better?

You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in the Sibson Consulting survey “Sales Compensation Best Practices – Where are Companies Heading?” which looks at today’s surprising trends and issues for this year and beyond.

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