Retirement Benefits

Today's employers face many challenges when managing retirement plans:

  • Volatile securities markets
  • The “baby boomer” generation nearing retirement age
  • Longer life spans
  • Shifting workforce characteristics

In this dynamic environment, employers need sophisticated analytical tools to create and maintain retirement plans that work. Sibson Consulting helps clients with these emerging developments through the strategic design, funding and monitoring of pension and related deferred-compensation plans.

Leaders in Retirement Plan Consulting

Sibson has been helping employers with their retirement plans for decades. We pioneered the practice of designing retirement plans to meet the special needs of employees at distinct career stages. We have also been a leader in crafting hybrid defined benefit pensions (such as pension equity plans and floor-offset arrangements) to address the unique financial circumstances of our clients. 

Sibson provides a comprehensive suite of retirement services including:

Actuarial Services

Sibson’s actuarial services help employers:

  • Forecast plan financial metrics
  • Identify available options and explore alternatives for plan funding
  • Identify industry changes and trends

Plan Design

Today’s difficult economy and volatile financial markets demand that employers plan carefully to ensure that the design of their retirement income programs will meet their goals and employees’ needs over the long term.

Plan Governance

Benefit plan sponsors and administrators need to keep administration procedures up-to-date in order to comply with regulations.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Sibson’s asset-liability modeling (ALM) tool can be used to assess the plan’s current risk profile as well as to make sound decisions regarding plan assets and liabilities.

Investment Solutions

Our SEC-registered investment affiliate, Segal Marco Advisors provides investment solutions services including:

  • Investment manager selection
  • Manager performance
  • Policy development
  • De-risking strategies


Retirement services are a primary component in Sibson’s holistic approach to employee benefits, and our expertise includes Communications and Workforce Planning, which are particularly important because the retirement environment rapidly changes.

Rewards of Work Model

In addition to our expert knowledge of defined benefit and hybrid plans, we also offer specialized expertise in corporate defined contribution plans.