Talent Assessment

The majority of CEOs will tell you that talent is their greatest challenge. And yet many of these same CEOs will admit that their organizations have inadequate programs in place to address the challenge.

Why is this the case?


Talent Is One Label for Many Issues

Although analytical tools and measures exist to help organizations address talent issues, the human factor must be considered in the process. Sibson’s approach to talent assessments looks at both objective measures and subjective situations within your organization to see what is driving issues that could be affecting your organization’s performance.

Further, we include in our assessments an exploration of ways that outside influences might exacerbate the situation.


Symptoms versus Drivers

Our goal in each assignment is to identify the actionable steps that your organization can take to address both the talent issue you see and the root cause behind it that may lead to recurring challenges. For example…

Is the issue recruitment?

In today’s job market, competition for needed, qualified talent is keen. Do your offers attract the right talent? 

Perhaps the "package" in the Value Exchange should be reviewed and adjusted, as described in Moving to a More Flexible EVP.

Is the issue retention?

As many as half of new employees start looking for new jobs within 6 months of hiring. Are you seeing a spike in new-hire losses?

Maybe your onboarding process needs improvement, as we described in Effective Onboarding Needs More Than HR's Efforts.

Is employee engagement an issue?

In Sibson's Rewards of Work studies, we have seen over and over that affiliation, work content and career growth are often more important drivers than compensation and benefits. Have you tried to measure the degree to which your people's work matters to them? 

Is the issue generational and involving knowledge transfer?

Today’s younger employees look for ways to build their careers faster than prior generations. Are you losing this talent pool before you can benefit from your investment in them?

Are your compensation programs competitive?

Compensation is only one part of your employee value proposition (EVP). Is making more money really the driver when your employees leave?


Sibson’s Talent Assessment Process

Helping an organization address its talent issues starts with asking the right questions, such as:

  • What do you see as the issue, and how is it affecting your organization’s performance?
  • How have you tried to address the issue, and did it have any effect?
  • Is the issue impeding progress on planned strategic goals?

We then:

  • Gather data on your people programs and from interviews with your leaders, managers and staff,
  • Compare it to available data on your peer organizations, and
  • Assess it in terms of our EVP and other models

...to provide you with a report that identifies the root cause and offers actionable steps you can implement.

Sibson can also help you through the implementation process and assess the results over time.

To learn more, contact us to set up an initial no-obligation discussion on how Sibson’s talent assessment program can address your talent challenges.


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