Communication is more than the art and technique of effectively conveying thoughts, information and ideas. It is now the single most important element in helping higher education institutions share their vision and energize their employees to move the institution forward. Why? Because clear, concise and consistent communications not only educate employees, enabling them to appreciate the value of their institution's programs — they also keep employees focused, informed, motivated, productive and committed.

A team of Sibson communications experts can:

  • Help develop a cost-effective communications strategy that measures the return on your investment
  • Help ensure that staff, administration and faculty appreciate their Employee Value Proposition: Compensation, Benefits, Affiliation, Job Content and Career
  • Develop world-class recruitment and orientation materials
  • Create innovative website content and design
  • Create personalized benefits and total compensation statements
  • Establish processes and a system for encouraging, receiving and analyzing staff and faculty input on important issues
  • Develop and implement a tiered plan of communications that involves senior leaders, supervisors and HR in a comprehensive and complementary communications strategy

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