Compensation and Total Rewards

Higher education institutions are faced with intense competition for faculty, administrative and staff talent, from within as well as from outside academia. 


Well-designed compensation programs enable colleges and universities to attract the talent they need, while being administratively simple and easy to communicate and understand.

Total Rewards

Colleges and universities offer faculty, administration and staff a wide variety of rewards for working at the institution, many of which may not be well understood or appreciated. Since these rewards are rarely articulated as part of a comprehensive package of rewards, institutions may not be maximizing the value of their investments.

Collective Bargaining

Because Sibson is the only national human resources consulting firm that maintains a practice devoted to collective bargaining, our consultants understand the pressures that our clients face at the bargaining table. College and university leaders must often negotiate with multiple unions who represent employees with vastly different interests. When considering the difficult fiscal pressures, it is not surprising that higher education negotiations are complex and sometimes unduly adversarial.

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