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Move from the operational to the strategic

Working from the ground up, Sibson believes in cultural transformation.

From performance management strategy to strategic workforce planning, we’ll help you transform your HR department into a highly effective organizational unit.

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Who Needs Organizational Effectiveness?

Let’s take an example.

While many successful organizations use process assessment and redesign to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, few apply it to the HR function.

In fact, the majority of HR departments are at the beginning of that journey: just 1% consider themselves “fully evolved and strategic”.

They’re missing out. HR effectiveness plays a large part in how the entire institution functions.

By analyzing the key processes required for delivering services and achieving goals, Sibson’s HR professionals have helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of numerous HR departments.

As a result of our work, we’ve seen vastly improved recruiting and hiring, streamlined performance management and an improved focus on being a true partner across the campus.

Process assessment and redesign is a valuable — but underused — tool that can help an institution’s HR function become the best it can be.

Maximize Your ROI – On your Processes and Your People

Organizational effectiveness may begin with HR but it ends with institution-wide change.

Our team provides solutions for short-term and long-term business goals, covering:

  • Diagnostic Assessment,
  • Strategy Development and Support,
  • Organizational Redesign and Restructuring,
  • Employee Engagement, Culture and Management, and
  • Process and Policy Improvement.

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