Retirement Benefits

Higher education institutions face a host of challenges when managing retirement plans: volatile securities markets, a large number of “baby boomers” nearing retirement age, longer life spans and delayed retirement of tenured faculty, among others. In such an environment, you need sophisticated analytical tools to administer a cost-effective retirement plan and provide competitive benefits to employees. Retirement plans are a significant expense for colleges and universities. Maximizing the return on this investment is critical for all institutions.

Sibson Consulting provides higher education institutions with the highest level of expertise to cope with these emerging developments through the strategic design, funding and monitoring of retirement and deferred-compensation plans. Our approach takes into account the changes in the retirement industry, including increased fiduciary responsibility, changes in financial markets, product developments and legislative and regulatory requirements.

Our consultants can assist in a wide range of services relating to both defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including:

  • Defined contribution consulting
  • Effective plan design, incorporating current best practices and recent developments in behavioral economics
  • Providing a full and complete understanding of plans under IRS Code Sections 403(b), 401(a), 401(k), 457, 457(b), 457(f), 415(m) and 409A
  • Review of documents, SPDs, benefit statements, disclosures and notices for legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Administrative review of business practices, functions and outsourcing capabilities
  • Defined benefit and retirement plan valuation audits, as well as plan design of 401(a) defined benefit formulas, cash balance hybrid plans and defined benefit actuarial services, including review of defined benefit funding requirements, options and related governmental certifications
  • Asset-liability modeling and related projections
  • Post-retirement medical plan valuations (FAS 106) and related plan design/cost modeling

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