Sports Organizations

Sports organizations face unique challenges posed by the conflicting interests, perceptions and needs of owners, coaches, officials, players, the media and fans.

Sibson Consulting understands these challenges and, for decades, has worked with top management to help work through and find solutions to their organizational issues.

Sibson's areas of expertise include:

Compensation and Total Rewards

Sibson Consulting helps sports organizations develop a strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to total compensation — one that includes financial and non-financial rewards.

Health and Welfare Benefits

Our consultants can help your sports organization address the unique issues surrounding the health and welfare benefits of your various distinctive participant groups.

Officiating Program Analysis and Evaluation (Ref360)

Utilize Sibson’s Ref360® tool and expertise in analytics for a comprehensive approach to understanding officiating performance.

Organizational Effectiveness

Sibson can help your organization adopt a more strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to maximize the potential of your league or organization. Sibson will assist you in aligning your rewards investments according to the needs and preferences of key talent segments within your organization.


Other Sports Analytics (Competition-Related)

Sibson experts help sports organizations examine different aspects of their sport to ensure that the competitive nature and integrity is at the highest level.

Performance Management

Sibson provides expertise in designing comprehensive performance management programs for a diverse population to ensure that compensation and staffing actions are tied to overall organizational and individual performance results.

Retirement Benefits and Programs

Our expertise helps sports organizations to address the challenges and emerging developments related to retirement plans for their various cohorts.

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