Performance Management

The sports industry is not immune to changing economic conditions. There is tremendous pressure to optimize employees’ performance in order to maximize compensation investments. Sibson Consulting provides expertise in designing comprehensive performance management programs for industry staff to ensure that compensation and staffing actions are tied to overall organizational and individual performance results.

We understand the business of sports and the many considerations that go into evaluating the performance of sports organization employees. Sibson is knowledgeable in the specific performance challenges and goals faced by sports organizations. Our expertise includes:

  • Providing analytics and feedback specific to sports organization performance
  • Considering in-season time constraints
  • The ability to accurately project organizational performance before the season is complete

Sibson works with clients to design and implement performance management programs by focusing on the critical success factors that ensure effective performance management, such as:

  • Organization and team executives modeling a high-performance culture with their actions
  • Individual expectations aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization’s executives
  • A clear performance management process where responsibilities are understood by leaders, managers and staff
  • Communication that occurs regularly and feedback that is aligned with rewards and consequences

Sibson has experience in designing, implementing and administering performance management programs to help sports organizations:

  • Execute strategy by prioritizing and aligning goals and objectives
  • Improve group and individual performance
  • Make pay decisions based on performance and desired results
  • Target critical talent for development and retention

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